Computer Support

We speak English, not Jargonese, and are happy to help anyone from power users to the most technologically challenged.

  • Computer Support

    Do you need some help with a computer problem?

    We can provide that help, whether it be:

    • Fixing something that is broken.
    • Upgrading something that is not good enough.
    • Solving a minor niggle.
    • Setting up something entirely new.
  • Our Rates


    • Min fee R399.00 VAT incl
    • Hourly Fee R513.00 VAT incl
    • Hourly fee For Contract Customers R456.00 VAT incl
    • Advanced Server Support  R627.00 VAT incl

    Call Out (Distance from Observatory):

    • Within 5 km – no Fee
    • 5 – 10 km – R114 incl
    • 10 – 15 km – R171 incl
    • 15 – 20 km – R228 incl

IT Maintenance

Is Somebody Actively Maintaining Your I.T. Systems?

If not, then you can expect problems to crop up.

A Managed Services Agreement with PC Guy you will ensure that the following is taken care of:

  • Routine computer maintenance, updates and checks.
  • Immediate remote support and prioritised onsite support for users.
  • Antivirus check-ups and management.
  • Backup check-ups and management.
  • Server Admin and Maintenance.

Basically all routine support and maintenance will be taken care of for a fixed monthly fee (per computer).  We don’t charge for ‘hours’.

We want the same thing as our customers: To avoid problems that could take many expensive hours to solve.

We Plan, Supply and Setup New Systems

Planning an installation is crucial for it to be successful.

Our approach is to:

  • Assess what  the needs are.
  • Choose the ideal hardware and software.
  • Quote on the full installation cost.
  • Plan the installation.
  • Procure and install the system.
  • Sort out loose ends.
  • Train the user/s in how to get the most from the system.

This applies whether the system in question is a single PC or an entire server roll-out.

A smooth transition from an old system to a new one is achievable.