Who we are
PC Guy offers a set of products and services tailored to give small and medium businesses the best possible results from their computer systems.

We focus on technologies that will make a real practical difference to our clients at cost effective rates.  Our goal is to ensure that clients’ systems and staff keep working no matter what happens.

With a combined experience of up to 30 years, we offer sound advice on how to keep you running efficiently! Our first priority is to save you money. That means that we optimize existing infrastructure to maximise output without having expensive hardware in place. In this fast paced tech-world, it’s inevitable that you will need to upgrade at some point. Talk to us about the most cost-effective system designed around your business.

Our philosophy
There’s an easy way, and a right way to do things! We do the latter!
Goals & values
  1. Never compromise on Quality!

  2. Efficient service, always!

  3. Our customers opinion matters.

  4. Be honest, always. It shows integrity.

We are proud to work with
Alba Consulting
Action Volunteers Africa
Craft of Architecture
Action Appointments
Ross Munro & Associates
Bos Brands
Tractor Group
Alba Consulting
Action Volunteers Africa
Craft of Architecture
Action Appointments
Ross Munro & Associates
Bos Brands
Our experience

We effectively setup, connect and monitor WAN and LAN networks over secure connections so you can still get access to your Server even on the go. We leave room for expansion across all provinces so you are never restricted to the Greater Cape Town area.

Ultimately, every business is about “Growth”!

Server Installation & Maintenance - 15 years
Network Design - 15 years
Disaster Recovery - 15 years
Consulting - 15 years
Services & products
Network Support

A network runs best if it is well maintained. Staff are productive if they get help when they need it. Ask about a ‘Flat Rate’ support contract.

Installations & Upgrades

Whether you need to replace a tired laptop or setup a whole new server, PC Guy can help. Contact us for suggestions and costing.

Computer Emergencies

If its not working we understand that time is of the essence. Call us and a PC Guy will have you up and running again ASAP.

Disaster Recovery

In case of an unforeseen incident, theft, flood, electricity surge, talk to us about a plan that will avoid a total data loss.

Server Support

Whether you are a “Start-up” or you need to upgrade that trusty old Server. Talk to us to get the best setup for your business.

Network Design

As your company grows, so will the need to have an efficient network. Talk to an expert about getting a fast and reliable setup.